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Changes to the RGC

The Raven Guard will undergo a change. While we are and will remain community focused, the main games we support will shift. Due to the recent disappointments games have been for our community (Destiny, Division, Elder Scrolls Online) we have decided to shift focus and rebuild the RGC around a single game to rebuild our core community and bring everyone together.


While we all play many different games together and will continue to do so from now and into the future, we want to build a home for us and we may have found the home that we can spread our wings from and flourish.


This home will be the foundation to which we grow as a community and procced to play a variety of games with for many more years to come. Stay tuned.

"From the darkness we strike: fast and lethal, and by the time our foes can react...

darkness there and nothing more."

- Raven Guard motto

Coming Soon

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